About Us

Etra International, is one of the recently established oil products trading, selling and marketing enterprises, based in Istanbul, Turkey

Our outmost goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs by reflecting our international professionalism and expertise creating sustainable and unique solutions. We aspire to become a global partner for our customers.

Oil products markets are very dynamic and volatile. The stiff competition among the companies creates margin erosions and this adversly affects our customers business results.

Etra carefully assess all risks and opportunities then create unique, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, maximizing the profits of our customers.

Etra ensure flawless supply and trading contracts as a means to support our customers’ business value chains.

Highly operational reliability, disciplined investment and a competitive cost structure, coupled with growth oriented business mind and professionalism give Etra a real edge in supporting its customers.

Etra opened its first office Istanbul, where East meets West, creating unique opportunities for our business partners and customers.

Our financial strength and close relationships with key stakeholders in the region, coupled with our international success record of accomplishment enable us to play a significant role in international oil products market.

Our aspiration and ambition is to be a global partner for our customers and to become one of the leading trading firms in the countries where we do business. We aim to provide our customers with innovative solutions thus maximize their profits. With sustainable and unmatched offers, Etra brings a new impulse and energy to the international oil products trading business in this region.

About Us