Chairman Message

Etra's Passion in Action in Trading and Commercial Sales of Petroluem Products “Etra International is one of the leading companies in construction, maritime and food industries in Turkey since 2006.

Our clear footprint coupled with successes in those business areas encouraged us to give outmost attention in energy business as the country not only an attractive hub in energy business but also has a growing diversed market structure. We started trading, commercial sales and marketing of petroleum products by default in Turkey as our first focus country where East meets West.

Indeed no need to say Etra will constantly continue investing on all type of resources in order to create unmatched unique sustained offers to our customers. Our wide portfolio range starting from the crude oil to the middle distalletes, biofuels and petrochemicals will give clear benefits to our customers. We already proved we create sustainable solutions to our customers in petroleum business.

Our international professional team brings a new impulse in the industry with businesses solutions as well as with competitive petroleum products and services.

Etra also decided to penetrate into the markets in East Med, Black Sea and Middle East regions by optmizing the opportunities as long as it's sustainable and profitable.

I encourage you to understand and try Etra's unique offers as we commited ourselves to be one of the leading trading and commercial players in a sustained manner in petroleum industry. Looking forward to hearing from you all inquiries and messages in our exciting and challenging journey.

Mehmet Sarımermer
Etra International

November 2012, Istanbul

Chairman Message