Privacy Policy

We respect your Privacy

We would like you to know that we Show a personal care to your personal data and transactions or via the other ways.

Information storage and security an integral part of our policy. However, with a link to our website to the other websites which are not able to provide such a guarantee.

Personal data collection and processing

When you visit our web page the web analytics software, internet service provider which arrived at the webpage, what page you are visiting especially the date and the page will automatically record your time browsing. Our website to determine your preferences and priorities and to produce a appropiate solutions to the cookies, active components ( ex: Javascript ).

You can notify whether your browser receive a cookie or to refuse to accept any cookie. But in this case, we would like to specify as many web page to use functional. For example, a form of personal information outside of them, or for the poll shall be taken only with your permission.


We keep all types of personal information privacy principles, fraud, loss, destructions against the possibility of unauthorized usage. Our security procedures are constantly checked and supported by developed new Technologies.